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Registration is open for the 2015 Series Race!

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Landrunner Fall Training is over
Spring Training will start January 3, 2015
Marathon / Half Marathon
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Week #14 - 11/1/2014 training run from the Oklahoma State Capitol.
Photo by Masha Burdina

We look forward to seeing you there! As always, our training is FREE and open to the public. We welcome new and veteran runners alike. Please invite your friends! Signup for our weekly training email. The weekly emails will provide training tips, safety issues and last minute updates/changes to our training schedule.        


  OH!! WHAT A RIDE!!! with Gracie
2014 OKC Memorial Marathon

Oh, what a push.  Oh, what a day for Gracie and her family.  Marathon Sunday began for us like everyone else as we waited for news that the Oklahoma weather would cooperate so the race could start. Mandatory deadlines set by the City of Oklahoma City came, passed and were extended several times.  We prayed the event would not be cancelled.  How disappointed all of us would have been if Gracie’s training would have been in vain.  You see, Gracie began training for this chance to complete a full marathon nine years ago at birth.  She was born with physical limitations from cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis that she has worked to overcome.  Gracie drives an electric wheel chair and has been unable to enjoy the freedom of walking.  Thankfully, her handicap did not affect her mind.  She is sharp, clever and quite the comedian. This day she had a special surprise for our family that she had been training for several months with her physical therapist.  

At 8:06 am we finally got the call we had been praying for.  “Quick, hurry, let’s go, we have to hurry, they are lining up, get Gracie in the racing chair, hurry, we have a start.” We got to the start line just in time for Emily Sutton’s awesome singing of the National Anthem. Then, a couple minutes later we were off on a five hour adventure pushing Gracie in the Landrunner’s racing chair.  It was so inspiring.  Runners are way cool.  It seemed like half the runners that passed us (we got the wheelchair five minute head start) had encouragement as they shouted “Go Gracie Go”.  Our support crew along the course snapped a lot of photos and Gracie was smiling in every single picture. 

The finish will last forever in our minds and hearts.  We have never seen Gracie walk.  Her father, Dominic, was the final relay pusher.  Daddy Domo stopped the Landrunner’s racing chair about 50 meters short of the finish line.  Gracie’s Mom, Christin, appeared from somewhere with a walker like the one older folks use.  They quickly unstrapped her from the racing chair, stood her up and handed her the walker.  Gracie walked and ran the final distance to the finish line.  Her family cried.  The Landrunner escorts cried.  I think everyone at the finish cried. OH!! WHAT A RIDE!!!  . Oh, what a push.  Oh, what a walk.   This is what this amazing event is all about; overcoming immense challenges and evil with awesome achievement and good. 

Thank you race officials Kara, Dave, Randy and Chet.  Thank you KFOR commentators  Linda, Kevin and Mark.  Thank you to the following Landrunner pushers Adi McCasland, Wendy Gabrielson, Kevin Lynes and family pushers Jerry, Jeff, Uncle Tim and Daddy Domo.  Thank you Landrunners for the OH!! WHAT A RIDE!!! program.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this dream come true.  Most of all, thank you Jim Roblyer for keeping OH!! WHAT A RIDE!!! alive. 

Gracie, Grampa Arf (Gus Thompson) and family

If you would like more information on the program or know a potential candidate, contact Jim Roblyer.

Read more about Gracie's ride in the June 2014 edition of The Landrunner...

Jennifer Henry at the Children's Miracle Foundation Telethon


Lake Hefner Fountains are now off:

The OKC Parks Department have turned off the water fountains
on the Lake Hefner Trails for the winter.  You will need to make other hydration plans until they are turned back on next spring. (April 2015?)

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