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Hello friends and family,

Mike and I are hanging in there and each day the fog in our heart seems to lift a bit but then it begins to rain.  This is a depth of emotion that ONLY THE LOVE OF GOD CAN HEAL.

Rachel was NOT ONLY A GORGEOUS YOUNG WOMAN OF GOD, but also very talented in writing.  Being thoughtful, as she is, and always will be, she blessed me with years worth of journals (to me, love letters).  The other night, I awoke, terribly upset.  Her kind and gentle presence, guided me to her journal.  I opened it to the poem below.

Please read her words and take them with the seriousness that I'm sure she would want. 

Much love in Christ.
Karen and Rachel
(Karen, Rachel, and Mike)

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Runners for Africa donated over 150 pairs of shoes to kids
A letter from Janet Berner, missionary for Light of Africa

Mike and Karen, you are amazing!  I am crying as I write.  See what is happening.... so many lives Rachel has touched. When I looked at the prayer request I saw Rachel's name. I can't bring myself to delete it. It's like a piece of her I can have with me and I am unwilling to give it up. My heart breaks. I am overwhelmed from those dearest to is a part of the letter from Bryanne her team leader (ATL) from last year...

I really miss being over in Africa. A lot of times I day dream about coming back! Its tough though, because I'm always going to think of Rachel when I think of the trip... Its hitting me pretty hard, because being her ATL God put such a love for her in me- like a substitute mom for her, and its just really shocking. I've never lost anyone as intimate to me before.

I can hardly wait to read her books.  I know they were meant for publication.  As a matter of fact, we are praying for souls right now as we enter the Easter season.  Will print your requests and pray them ...we are in agreement with you.  My heart aches...

God bless you, Karen and Mike.

God bless you.

Some of the Kids in Katubiya where Rachel ministered with us...



Everyday is a gift to be enjoyed.
Everyday is a chance to be thankful for what you have been given.

Every person is formed in the image of God.
Every person deserves your attention and respect.

Everyday is another day closer to your dream coming true.
Everyday is a dream come true itself.
Everyday the Lord is in control... no-matter how you feel.

Responsibilities are a chance to grow...not stress.

Do the best you can and God will give you His best.

Believe (know) no-matter what things look like and enjoy the people who're in your life now.
Rachel Davis  Sept. 18, 2007












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