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Running Etiquette

During our training runs, we are sharing the roads and trails with vehicles, bicycles and other runners and walkers. We want them to be courteous to us, so we, in turn need to be courteous and respectful. Law, safety, and common courtesy dictate that we pedestrians move left and allow cars and cyclists adequate room to pass. Law, safety, and common courtesy also dictate that we not run more than two abreast (and in the current COVID-19 environment, we need to do our best to remain 6 feet apart). We understand the social aspect of our training runs, but safety MUST come first. Safety of the runners, safety of the cyclists, and safety of the motorists. We run on streets and multi-purpose trails, meaning that we are NOT the only people using these paths. Whether you are an experienced runner or brand new to our group, we request and appreciate your review and adherence to the following safety rules:

  • When running (or walking) on streets with traffic, you should ALWAYS run on the left side of the street facing traffic, stay as far left as possible and run no more than two abreast.
  • When approaching traffic get in a single file to the left and don't take up an inordinate amount of space in the traffic lane. We want to be courteous and not irritate the drivers on the road. We are NOT running on closed courses and cars need to have room to safely pass. Running down the middle of ANY street is asking for trouble.

  • When available, run on a sidewalk or trail, not the street.

  • When running on a multi-purpose trail, you should always run on the right and allow others room to pass. 

  • Follow the rules of the road and obey all traffic signs.
  • If you come to a four-way stop and a car is present, do not just blindly follow the person in front of you and not allow the car their turn to proceed through the intersection. Stop signs apply to runners as well.
  • At traffic signals (such as May & Grand, downtown area, along Lincoln, etc.), unless the walk light is illuminated, CARS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY. You should take the same precautions when running that you would tell your kids to take.

  • Assume every driver is texting, taking selfies, eating, or otherwise distracted. Don’t assume they see you. Stay alert when crossing streets and parking lot entrances. Make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you before you cross in front of them. If they wave you across, give them a friendly smile and let them know you appreciate it!
  • It is safer to run without headphones and we do not sanction the use of them during our training runs. However, if you feel you just can’t run without them, keep the volume low and leave one earbud out so you can hear traffic and warnings of approaching motorists or bicycles.

  • When running in the dark, wear light color, reflective clothing and/or lights so you can be seen by the motorists.
  • It is your responsibility to know the course each week. We include a link to the course map in each week’s email. If you have questions, just ask.
  • Refrain from talking during the pre-run announcements. It is not courteous to the speaker or those around you. Key information is provided such as route, turnaround points, location of water stops, etc.
  • When running in a group, it is easy to get into the “group mob” mindset and just do what the runner in front of you is doing even if you don’t agree with it. Think SAFETY FIRST. Don’t do something in a group that you wouldn’t want your kids doing (such as running down the middle of the road, running through red lights with cars approaching, etc.).

Running, as with anything else in life, can be managed fairly well with three words: Use Common Sense. Run safely and be courteous to others on the roads and trails.

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