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  • Sat, February 03, 2024
  • 7:30 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Bar K, 901 SE 5th St Oklahoma City, OK 73129


Announcements @ 7:20am, Picture @ 7:28am, Run @ 7:30am

Landrunners' OKC Memorial Marathon training. As always, our training is FREE and we welcome new and veteran runners and walkers alike. Invite your friends!

We encourage you to share your pictures on social media and help others get motivated. Don’t forget to use #Landrunners #RuntoRemember

Bar K, 901 SE 5th St Oklahoma City, OK 73129 - Bathrooms and an indoor warm up area for those that like to do some warm-up running drills or stretching will be open by 7:10am. The restaurant will be open by 9am for post run food and drinks. Stay after the run for $2 off a menu brunch item!

Course: We will head west on the River Trails towards Scissortail.  5 milers will turn around at the water stop by the soccer field & return.  Those running 10 will continue up to the Memorial. The Memorial bathrooms will be open if you need to refill your water before you get back to the Scissortail water stop. Note the short out and back east of Bar K to I-35 to get your 10 miles / or run an extra mile loop around Scissortail.  Bathrooms might be open at Scissortail this week. This will not be a closed course so we must obey all traffic signs, use the cross walks and sidewalks when available.


5 / 10 Miles -


5 / 10 Miles -

Wave Start - We anticipate utilizing a wave start to spread out the group so please line up according to your expected pace and wait until your pace is called to begin running.

Water Stops - only 1 stop this week on the course at 2.2M / 5.7M.  If you need water more often please carry a bottle.  Those running 8 miles will also have water access in the Scissortail Park bathrooms which should be open by the soccer field, kids play ground, main stage and pavilion north of the Skydance Bridge. 

Running Etiquette - Remember that we are sharing the road and the trails with others. We want them to be courteous to us, so we, in turn need to be courteous and respectful and not "hog" the road or the trails. Obey all traffic signs, use the cross walks and sidewalks when available. Before our first training run we ask that everyone refresh yourself on Running Etiquette summarized in this attachment. Running Etiquette

Email List - If you know someone that wants to be added to our training email list, have them go to and enter their information to be added.

As always training is FREE and open to all walkers and runners. You do not need to be a member to attend but we can always use the support, membership is only $20 per year.


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